The story of how I went from Hacker to ML Engineer

From the dark trenches of a public library lurking on Tymnet to working on world class machine learning projects in the intelligence space. The path that lead me here due to my need to learn.

My name is James, and ever since I was young, I’ve been immersed with computers. But more specifically, how to break into them. It all started in elementary school after having seen the classic movie WarGames. I then began spending every recess hour with my new best friend, our classroom Apple II. My father worked for a bank at the time, so obviously they became my first target. I rapidly typed with my two little index fingers all the “hacker” words my six year old brain could think of. Things like “break in”, “take money”, and “vault”.

…many years later…

What do I do now? I use NLP to create quantitative predictive modeling attributes by mining unstructured data and turning it into a categorical or bivariate independent attributes for security research. Stay tuned for more details of my story. And please follow my journey.