Quick and Dirty: Installing Htop on FreeBSD 10.x

Htop is an interactive system-monitor process-viewer written for Linux. On most of my servers I have it up and running continually if I’m not actively on the box. It’s great to be able to quickly glance up and see the current state of a particular server or to see if something I’m running has gotten out of hand (I’m looking at you Bro). On FreeBSD 10.x the install is pretty straight forward with some minor tweaks.

Simply run the following commands:

$ sudo pkg install htop

Now create the proper folders:

mkdir -p /usr/compat/linux/proc
ln -s /usr/compat /compat

Once this is done you’ll need to add the following line to /etc/fstab

linproc /compat/linux/proc linprocfs rw,late 0 0

Lastly we need to mount it using

mount linproc

Now you should be able to run Htop from your command line.


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