• Own Windows with PowerShell using Nishang

    Own Windows with PowerShell using Nishang

    Nishang is a framework and collection of scripts and payloads which enables usage of Windows PowerShell for offensive security and post exploitation during Penetraion Tests.  The scripts are written on the basis of requirement by the author during real Penetration Tests. PAYLOADS It contains many interesting scripts like download and execute, keylogger, dns txt pwnage,
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  • FreeBSD pkg_add little trick

    FreeBSD pkg_add little trick

    So don’t ask me why but I decided to run FreeBSD 6.0 on an older Dell Latitude laptop. Install goes fine. But now I’ve got an issue. When trying to install a package I get the troublesome ftp error (cannot find this location dummy). But this was quickly resolved with the following. You can also
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  • Stopping FTP Brute Force Attacks in FreeBSD and OpenBSD

    Stopping FTP Brute Force Attacks in FreeBSD and OpenBSD

    This is a great little article that I came across talking about stopping FTP brute force attacks in OpenBSD or FreeBSD (both of my favorite OS’s). It assumes that your using PF as your firewall (which you should!). You can easily stop bruteforce attacks by limiting connections per IP using pf firewall under FreeBSD or
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    So I’ve been getting up @ 5am to workout and I must say that I’m pretty psyched about it. Well not the getting up at 5 part. But I’m pretty happy that I’ve been consistently going to the gym lately. My six-pack is just a few short months away from finally arriving!! I’m working on
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  • My Favorite New Toy – Nokia 770

    My Favorite New Toy – Nokia 770

    So I’ve had my Nokia 770 for awhile now and I love this thing. I recently upgraded the memory in mine to 2Gigs which really improved it’s performance. I generally use it to check my email and check on quotes for various stocks and such. It’s pretty sweet. http://amzn.to/2lbKDYa